Temporary works co-ordinator


Three days.

Who should attend:

Potential temporary works co-ordinators who have to co-ordinate the design, the erection and
decommissioning of temporary structures for construction activities.

Course aims:

To enable delegates to understand and appreciate the commercial impact of design decisions and
solutions. To recognise and design out common hazards in connection with temporary works whilst
adopting best practice techniques.

Course objectives:

On completion of training the delegate will:

  • ƒ Ensure CDM 2007 duty holders are fully compliant
  • ƒ To have an understanding of BS 5975 Code of Practice for Falsework
  • ƒ Be aware of the temporary works co-ordinator role and responsibilities
  • ƒ Be able to recognise hazards and adopt good design risk assessment techniques
  • ƒ Be aware of common terms and definitions
  • ƒ Be aware of the common forms of temporary works and how to design and specify to include
  • falsework, formwork , excavations, scaffolding, traffic management
  • ƒ Be able to calculate and allow for external forces and pressures
  • ƒ To be able to monitor a design for temporary works which is fit for purpose and commercially
  • effective

Presentation mode:

By traditional lecture, powerpoint presentation, practical exercises and case studies